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Welcome to Hoolia Energy

Revolutionizing the industry with its "Distributed DataCenter" based on 100% renewable energy!

With our deepest belief in the concept of circular economy, we have generated a brilliant idea:
Repurpose waste heat from DataCenters to heat Office Buildings, by bringing small “DataCenter modules” running on 100% pure Green Renewable & Recycled Energy!


Ending the cycle of Big Centralized DataCenter. It is time to create micro-grid communities and give power back to the people.


Watch this video for more information.

The reasons behind this idea

Circular Economy

Open your eyes! It is right in front of you. Your existing energy can be twice as efficient, twice as cheap, if you just embrace the concept of "Circular Economy" by recycling waste energy and sharing with your neighbors. Let's educate the world and change mindsets.

Rising Energy Costs

Natural gas prices become more volatile, because of various geopolitical, economic, and social changes that the world is experiencing. It is difficult for companies to cope with this or to rely on the government to save them. It is better to become independent of these influences.

Helping Local Communities

Building small MicroGrid communities by bringing energy Load and Generation together, bringing Investors and Opportunities together, has so many benefits, like Grid Balancing, reducing cost, green investments. But best of all: Helping your neighbor!
By the People, for the People!

Save The Planet

The Dutch government aims to reduce CO2 emissions by a whopping 49% by 2030. Introducing incentives like SDE++ subsidies to help you help them. It is a win-win-win situation. Helping the next generation live in a better world.

The Installation

The material that makes the magic happen


The Financial Benefits

Here is what to expect with our solution

We pay you rent for a corner of your utility room to setup our DataCenter Modules and rent for your roof to place solarpanels. The space you want to allocate for our system can be variable and adapted to your case.

Expect to save about 66% on building heating cost with our green renewable energy system.

The government guarantees a success with its SDE++ subsidy offering a guarenteed steady revenue for a much as 15 years if you use a sustainable source of energy. Following this advantage, we propose contracts from 10 to 15 years.

Become 100% owner of the solar panels after 15 years.

On average, a solarpanel's lifespan is between 25 and 30 years

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