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Battery Container Battery Container

Battery Container


Reliable Power Supply Count on a dependable and consistent power supply for your energy storage system or electric vehicle. Cost-Effective With its long lifespan and efficiency, this battery module offers cost savings over time. Environmental Responsibility Reduce your carbon footprint with a battery module that is designed for sustainability. Rapid Deployment This module is ready for immediate use, saving you time and resources on integration. Safety Assurance Gain peace of mind knowing that your applications are protected by advanced safety mechanisms.  

Heatwave Rack Heatwave Rack

Heatwave Rack


Plug & Play Heatwave Racks delivers 60~70 degrees hot water, suitable for any Central Heating System, and comes with standard pipe fittings that easily plug into any existing pipes.  Scalable Each Heatwave Rack can seamlessly scale from 1 to 30 High-Performance Compute (HPC) Servers. Multiple Racks can be stacked together. Each HPC Server delivers 2 kW heat, allowing you to scale from 2 to 600 kW of continuous heat generation. Cost Saving Combining Cloud Compute and Building Heating creates a circular economy that effectively uses the consumed electricity twice: Once to run Cloud workload & again to heat the Building. Effectively reducing...

Heatwave Container Heatwave Container

Heatwave Container


Innovative Synergy Heatwave container ingeniously combines the functions of data centers and greenhouse heating. The heat generated by a compact data center is channeled to warm water, which, in turn, heats greenhouses efficiently, thereby optimizing resource utilization. Scalability Easily expand your data center capacity without the need for time-consuming construction or costly infrastructure upgrades. Cost Savings Our energy-efficient design and modular approach reduce operational expenses, providing long-term cost savings. Reliability Your critical data and applications are secure and available with our reliable infrastructure Security Advanced security measures ensure your data is protected according to industry standards.

BioGas Container BioGas Container

BioGas Container


Biolectric Biogas Module is a groundbreaking solution that leverages the power of nature to produce sustainable energy. Designed for a greener and more environmentally responsible future, our biogas module harnesses the potential of organic waste to generate clean and renewable biogas. Renewable Fuel Production: Generate biogas from organic waste, reducing your reliance on fossil fuels and contributing to a greener future. Cost Savings Utilize organic waste as a resource for energy production, lowering waste disposal costs and reducing energy expenses. Sustainability Help combat climate change by reducing methane emissions and producing renewable energy from organic waste. Scalability Easily expand your biogas...