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Heatwave Rack Heatwave Rack

Heatwave Rack


Plug & Play Heatwave Racks delivers 60~70 degrees hot water, suitable for any Central Heating System, and comes with standard pipe fittings that easily plug into any existing pipes.  Scalable Each Heatwave Rack can seamlessly scale from 1 to 30 High-Performance Compute (HPC) Servers. Multiple Racks can be stacked together. Each HPC Server delivers 2 kW heat, allowing you to scale from 2 to 600 kW of continuous heat generation. Cost Saving Combining Cloud Compute and Building Heating creates a circular economy that effectively uses the consumed electricity twice: Once to run Cloud workload & again to heat the Building. Effectively reducing...

Battery Rack Battery Rack

Battery Rack


Powerful Integration for Sustainable Energy:Elevate your energy solutions with Hoolia's cutting-edge components, seamlessly integrated for optimal efficiency and sustainability. The following key components form the backbone of a powerful and versatile energy system, tailored to meet your unique needs;   Victron MultiPlus II Inverter: Versatile 3-phase inverter suitable for On-Grid, Hybrid, and Off-Grid applications.Employs Smart Energy Management software for efficient energy utilization.Remote control capabilities through the Victron App. 19” Rackmountable Battery Cells (Basengreen Shop): Configurable capacity to meet your specific energy needs.Long lifespan with approximately 6000 cycles (equivalent to ~15 years).Super-fast charging facilitated by a parallel configuration.   Smart Energy...

Solar System Solar System

Solar System


JA Solar Panels – Efficiency Meets Durability: Our solar panels are designed to harness maximum energy with advanced technology that offers high efficiency and robustness. With impressive durability and a substantial warranty, these panels are constructed to deliver sustainable energy for years to come. Enphase Microinverters – The Heart of Reliability: The Enphase IQ7X Microinverter is engineered to work seamlessly with the solar panels, providing smart-grid readiness and dual compliance with advanced grid support. With rapid shutdown capabilities and a significantly reduced degradation rate, this micro-inverter ensures that your system operates at peak performance with minimal maintenance. Combining Forces for...