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Potential Farmer Potential Farmer

Potential Farmer


Invest in a transformative journey that tackles the financial challenges faced by farmers. Our pioneering 'as-a-service' model eliminates upfront costs, facilitating a seamless shift to sustainable energy. As an investor, you play a vital role in supporting farmers through this impactful initiative.Introducing the Datacenter-Boiler Solution—an innovative response to rising energy costs. This technology repurposes server waste heat, offering cost-effective, eco-friendly heating for agricultural operations. With modular design and advanced "Immersion Cooling" at 65°C, it seamlessly replaces traditional heating methods, promoting economic and environmental stability in farming communities.Your investment goes beyond upfront costs, ensuring farmers access affordable and eco-friendly energy solutions....

Potential Building Owner Potential Building Owner

Potential Building Owner


Revolutionize the building's heating with Hoolia Energy's cutting-edge DataCenter-Boiler. We repurpose waste heat from data servers, providing an eco-friendly heating solution. Our innovative Datacenter-Boiler Solution efficiently repurposes waste heat from servers, providing eco-friendly heating with a modularized design and state-of-the-art 65°C "Immersion Cooling" technology, replacing traditional heating sources. Our innovative "as-a-service" model eliminates upfront costs, breaking down financial barriers for the building owner. As an investor, your pivotal role facilitates a seamless transition to green energy for the building owner and goes beyond removing upfront barriers, ensuring affordable and eco-friendly energy solutions tailored for the building owner. Join us in...

Hoolia's Lab Hoolia's Lab

Hoolia's Lab


Hoolia's Lab, the research and development wing of Hoolia Energy, is at the forefront of creating innovative and sustainable energy solutions.   Our mission is to harness and repurpose wasted energy, particularly the excess heat generated by datacenters, and transform it into a valuable resource. For example urban heating and agricultural applications.   In the world of datacenters, a significant amount (>95%) of energy is lost as heat, representing a missed opportunity for efficient energy use and a challenge in reducing carbon emissions. Traditional heating methods in buildings and agriculture further strain our planet's resources, calling for innovative solutions.  ...