• - Earnings

  • How much can I expect to save with your source of energy ?

    We cannot tell exactly how much you will save, because of the volatility of the energy prices. However, on the homepage, you'll find a tool where you enter the informations of your office space to know approximately how much you can save.

  • How much will I earn from my offices and roof renting to Hoolia Energy

    The renting price for your offices and roofs depends on the space you have available.We invite you to use the tool on the home page, in the "Financial Benefits" section to know the price we estimate the renting of your surface.

  • How much is the fixed cost of energy settled by the government ?

    With it's SDE++ solution, the dutch government guarantees you to pay a fixed price of 0.09€/kWh, up to 1 MW of use. It is best to check with your local government for current pricing information.

  • Will your solution cost me extra water ?

    Hoolia's technology and material do not require any additional water usage beyond the standard usage of a building or office.

  • Do I own the solar panels after 15 years, without paying anything ?

    The ownership of the solar panels after 15 years would depend on the specific agreement and contract between Hoolia Energy and the building owner.

  • - Installation

  • How does the installation process work ?

    The installation process for Hoolia's solutions involves integrating the technology and material into the existing building or office. This includes the installation of solar panels, the cooling system for
    high-performance computers, and the distribution of heat generated by the data center.

  • How much does it cost ?

    Nothing. We install it, manage it, and if needed, maintain it for you.

  • Are there prior requirements for the installation ?

    Prior requirements for the installation may include an evaluation of the building's current energy consumption and infrastructure , as well as any necessary permits or approvals from local authorities.

  • How much time does the installation take ?

    The installation time can vary depending on the size and complexity of the building or office,

    as well as any necessary permits or approvals that need to be obtained.

  • How many modules are required for this system ?

    The modules required for Hoolia's system include solar panels, a cooling system for high-performance computers, and a distribution system for the heat generated by the data center.

  • What if we encounter a technical problem ? Do you handle it ?

    Hoolia Energy provides maintenance and technical support for its solutions, and will handle any technical issues that may arise.

  • What are Hoolia's data centers used for ?

    Our HPC data centers are used for our Hoolia Webhosting Company solutions. We propose Webhosting and DevOps solutions for small and big companies, this requires high quality servers.

  • - Material

  • How does the material and technology used in Hoolia's data centers improves energy efficiency and reduces costs?

    Hoolia's technology and material use a cooling system that immerses the equipment in a fluid, which reduces
    energy consumption and decreases maintenance costs. The heat generated by the data centers is
    also reused to heat the building, further reducing energy costs. That makes our solution 66% cheaper than the classic source of heating

  • Has this system been used, and the results achieved in terms of energy savings and environmental impact?

    Hoolia's technology and material have been implemented in a number of buildings and offices, and have demonstrated significant energy savings and positive environmental impact. We use this experiment as a base for all the numbers and prices we present you

  • Are there any certifications or standard that the material used in Hoolia's data centers meet?

    Hoolia's technology and material meet all the industry standards and certifications for energy efficiency and environmental impact. Each component has an extended warranty and can be replace within few days

  • How much place does it take ?

    One of the Hoolia system best point is its size. It has a very small footprint compared to classic data centers, and can be integrated into existing buildings and offices. We install all of our components into 19" width racks per module, wich is the industry's standard.

  • How much noise does it make ?

    The Hoolia system's very low noise level is uncomparable. Our machines produce less than 60 dB, which is comparable to a fridge's noise.

  • Do I have to purchase this installation ?

    You don't pay anything for the material. Actually, you receive something. We offer you all the solar panels that have been installed on your roof making you save and earn money for 15 years.

  • - Office space

  • How much space do I have to allocate to this solution ?

    The amount of space required for Hoolia's solution is minimum 5 m² to be sure to have enough space to install and manage the modules.

  • Will this system affect my working space ?

    Hoolia's technology and material are designed to be integrated into existing buildings and office spaces, with minimal disruption to the working environment.

  • Do I need to be the owner of the place ?

    Building ownership is not a requirement for implementing Hoolia's solutions, as long as the building owner or management is supportive of the installation.

  • How much space can Hoolia's solution heat ?

    The space that can be heated depends on the free space for solar panels on the roof. We can install solar panels on a maximum surface of 2000 m². A single m² of solar panel can heat XXm² of heat

  • How can the energy generated by your data center be used in my offices ?

    The energy generated by our computers can be used in two different ways : water and air. You can use this heat to turn on the radiators, the air conditioners, the floor heating, and also hot tap water. The energy generated by our green system heats your monday morning coffee cups :).

  • - Advantages

  • What are the main differences compared to a classic source of energy ?

    Hoolia's technology and material are designed to be 100% green and utilize renewable energy sources, such as solar power, to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Additionally, Hoolia's solutions also reuse the heat generated by the data centers to heat the building or office, further reducing energy consumption and costs.

  • How does this solution influence the image of my company ?

    Implementing Hoolia's solutions in your building or office can demonstrate a commitment to energy efficiency, sustainability, and environmental responsibility, which can enhance the image of your company for your consumers and partners. With the recent decisions made by the government, it is the perfect timing to give your company an extra credibility

  • In what way is this installation ecologic ?

    The microgrid system aiming to reduce the losses and the fossil energy consumption for companies makes a big environmental difference.

  • What are safety advantages ?

    Hoolia's technology and material are designed with safety in mind, including the use of non-conductive fluid in the cooling system and regular maintenance and technical support. The use of water doesn't allow fire accidents.

  • Can this source of energy face any shortage ?

    Hoolia's solutions utilize renewable energy sources, which do not face the same shortages as fossil fuels. Additionally, the modular design of the battery system allows for scalability and flexibility in the event of an energy shortage.

  • - About us

  • Who is Hoolia Energy ?

    Hoolia Energy is a company that is active in the distributed data-center market for more than 5 years now. With our deepest belief in the concept of circular economy, we have generated a brilliant idea: Repurpose waste heat from DataCenters to heat Office Buildings, by bringing small “DataCenter modules” running on 100% pure Green Renewable and Recycled Energy! Ending the cycle of Big Centralized DataCenter. It is time to create micro-grid communities and give power back to the people.

  • Where does the idea come from ?

    The idea for Hoolia Energy came from the principles of the circular economy, which aims to reduce waste and promote sustainability. The company's goal is to generate a brilliant idea of delocalized and 100% green data centers.

  • What experience do you have in the domain ?

    Hoolia Energy has been in the business of data center hosting for 5 years, and has experience in providing energy-efficient solutions for buildings and offices.

  • How is Hoolia special compared to other companies ?

    Hoolia Energy differentiates itself by utilizing renewable energy sources and reusing the heat generated by the data centers to heat the building or office. Additionally, the company's solutions are designed to be 100% green and to minimize environmental impact.

  • What is the future of Hoolia ?

    Hoolia Energy's goal is to continue to innovate and provide energy-efficient solutions for buildings and offices, as well as to expand its reach to more locations and customers.