Battery Rack

Victron Energy & Basengreen

    Revolutionize your energy management with our comprehensive Hoolia Energy Hybrid Energy System, combining the cutting-edge Victron MultiPlus II Inverter and 19” Rackmountable Battery Cells from Basengreen Shop. This fixed composite package is designed for seamless integration, offering a robust solution for energy arbitrage trading and optimizing grid connections through smart building energy management.

    Composite Package:
    Experience seamless integration with our fixed composite package, including:

    A 19” Server Rack filled with a 3-phase Victron Inverter.
    Configurable capacity of LiFePO4 Batteries for customized energy storage.
    Smart Energy Management software for efficient power utilization.
    Hoolia’s Remote Management & Support Service Level Agreement (SLA) for peace of mind.


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Description of Key components

Powerful Integration for Sustainable Energy:

Elevate your energy solutions with Hoolia's cutting-edge components, seamlessly integrated for optimal efficiency and sustainability. The following key components form the backbone of a powerful and versatile energy system, tailored to meet your unique needs;


  • Victron MultiPlus II Inverter:

Versatile 3-phase inverter suitable for On-Grid, Hybrid, and Off-Grid applications.
Employs Smart Energy Management software for efficient energy utilization.
Remote control capabilities through the Victron App.

  • 19” Rackmountable Battery Cells (Basengreen Shop):

Configurable capacity to meet your specific energy needs.
Long lifespan with approximately 6000 cycles (equivalent to ~15 years).
Super-fast charging facilitated by a parallel configuration.


  • Smart Energy Management Software:

Integration with Victron's intelligent software ensures optimal energy utilization.
Enables energy arbitrage trading for revenue generation.
Enhances the overall efficiency of your energy system.

  • Hoolia’s Remote Management & Support SLA:

Enjoy peace of mind with our dedicated support service.
Remote management ensures real-time monitoring and issue resolution.
Tailored service level agreement to meet your unique requirements.

    Efficiency Meets Durability

    Our solar panels are designed to harness maximum energy with advanced technology that offers high efficiency and robustness. With impressive durability and a substantial warranty, these panels are constructed to deliver sustainable energy for years to come.

    The Heart of Reliability

    The IQ7X Microinverter is engineered to work seamlessly with the solar panels, providing smart-grid readiness and dual compliance with advanced grid support. With rapid shutdown capabilities and a significantly reduced degradation rate, this microinverter ensures that your system operates at peak performance with minimal maintenance.

    Combining Forces for Enhanced Performance

    By integrating the solar panels with the Microinverter, this system not only simplifies the installation process but also optimizes energy production, ensuring that you get the most out of every ray of sunshine.



      Built to withstand diverse weather conditions, these solar panels systems offer long-term reliability and performance.


      Built to withstand diverse weather conditions, these solar panels systems offer long-term reliability and performance.Sustainability


      Embrace an eco-friendly energy solution and reduce your carbon footprint with clean, solar-generated power.




      The Hoolia Energy Hybrid Energy System is engineered to:

      • Generate Revenue:
        Through energy arbitrage trading, capitalize on peak energy pricing to maximize profitability.

      • Optimize Grid Connection:
        Utilize smart building energy management to efficiently manage and optimize grid connections, minimizing costs and environmental impact.

      Upgrade to a future-proof energy solution with our Hybrid Energy System, providing reliability, efficiency, and sustainability for your energy needs. Transform your approach to energy management and contribute to a greener and economically viable future.