Heatwave Container

An advanced biogas technology designed for the forward-thinking enterprise. Seamlessly converting organic waste into renewable energy, Biolectric not only bolsters sustainability efforts but also drives operational efficiency.
With its eco-friendly approach and high-performance output, it's the optimal choice for businesses aiming for a green, energy-efficient future.


BioGas Container
BioGas Container
BioGas Container
BioGas Container

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Innovative Synergy

Heatwave container ingeniously combines the functions of data centers and greenhouse heating. The heat generated by a compact data center is channeled to warm water, which, in turn, heats greenhouses efficiently, thereby optimizing resource utilization.


Easily expand your data center capacity without the need for time-consuming construction or costly infrastructure upgrades.

Cost Savings

Our energy-efficient design and modular approach reduce operational expenses, providing long-term cost savings.


Your critical data and applications are secure and available with our reliable infrastructure


Advanced security measures ensure your data is protected according to industry standards.



Modular Design

Our Data Center Container boasts a modular and scalable design, providing flexibility to expand your IT infrastructure as your business grows.

Rapid Deployment

With a plug-and-play approach, this container is ready for immediate deployment, saving you valuable time and resources.

Energy Efficiency

Greenhouse owners can experience significant cost savings of up to 70% on their heating expenses. With zero initial material costs and reduced energy consumption, this solution not only reduces operational expenses but also provides a sustainable alternative to traditional heating methods, contributing to long-term financial benefits.