Heatwave Rack

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Heatwave, an immersion-cooled DataCenter Rack, seamlessly integrates the realms of Building Heating and Cloud computing, introducing a groundbreaking "circular economy" cost model. This innovative solution is designed to achieve substantial cost savings, potentially reducing heating bills by up to 70%, while simultaneously making a significant impact on carbon footprint reduction.



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Plug & Play

Heatwave Racks delivers 60~70 degrees hot water, suitable for any Central Heating System, and comes with standard pipe fittings that easily plug into any existing pipes. 


Each Heatwave Rack can seamlessly scale from 1 to 30 High-Performance Compute (HPC) Servers. Multiple Racks can be stacked together. Each HPC Server delivers 2 kW heat, allowing you to scale from 2 to 600 kW of continuous heat generation.

Cost Saving

Combining Cloud Compute and Building Heating creates a circular economy that effectively uses the consumed electricity twice: Once to run Cloud workload & again to heat the Building. Effectively reducing your heating bill up to 70%.

See it as a green investment with our Buy option or if you just need the Heat, then go for our Rent option where we will host and manage the Cloud workloads.
Get started with zero investment cost.


HPC Servers come with pre-installed "Cloud" software that facilitate fail-over to other Servers and other DataCenters. This not only allows us to control your temperature, but also increases reliability of the Compute workload. Always On with 3 Replicas spread over configurable Failover Regions & Zones.


Reduce your carbon footprint with up to 70% and contribute to a greener future with our energy-efficient design. Servers run smoother and have a longer lifespan with Immersion Cooling.

Swift Response

We provide 24/7 Remote Management SLA and can deliver extra Servers capacity within 1 working day.


 Server Specifications

ServMax® A-22-IG

HPC Server with Dual AMD EPYC™ 7763 CPU and 8x NVIDIA A100 GPU optimized for Immersion Cooling

  • Immersion Cooling Optimized design
  • dual AMD EPYC™ 7763 processors, delivering 128 cores of 3.5Ghz
         128GB DDR4 Memory, delivering up to 3200MT/s
  • Supports up to 8 double-slot GPU or 16x single-slot GPU.
         Can fit 8x NVIDIA A100 GPU. Price excluding GPU's.
  • OpenShift Kubernetes Distribution software pre-installed
  • DataCenter Failover pre-configured with Free Colocation

Boiler Specifications

Vaillant allSTOR - Hot Water Buffer Tank

  • Multi Layered solution suitable for both the hottest drink water and less hot heating water.
  • Pluggable all-in-one solution that fit into existing environments.
  • Scalable solution from 300 to 6000l.
  • Reduces energy waste, featuring up to 20 cm of insulation.

Heat Management System

  • Control and Visualize your heating needs through a beautifull
          dashboard; generate reports; and AI suggested improvements.
  • A pluggable solution that integratable with the majority of
         current building management systems as just
         another heating source, through either ModBus or OpenAPI.
  • Internet connected for weather and
          dynamic price optimizations
Vaillant allSTOR hot water buffer tank


Modular Flexibility:

The Data Center Module is designed with a modular approach, enabling easy scalability to match your evolving IT infrastructure needs.

Energy Efficiency:

We prioritize sustainability by delivering an energy-efficient module that minimizes operational costs and reduces environmental impact.

Innovative Cooling:

Enjoy optimal performance with advanced cooling systems that maintain ideal operating conditions for your IT equipment.