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Hoolia's Lab, the dedicated research and developpement focused on creating sustainable energy solutions.
Our core mission is to harness and repurpose wasted energy, especially the excess heat generated by data centers, transforming it into a valuable and sustainable resource.


What We Do

At Hoolia's Lab, we're not just about research, we're about action.
Our focus is on creating 'circular' products that redefine sustainability. We believe in a world where every product we develop contributes positively to the environment, closing the loop in energy consumption and waste. Our innovative solutions are designed to improve the world, one green invention at a time.



Maximum sustainability


Our mission

Hoolia's Lab, the dedicated research and, is a hub of innovation focused on creating sustainable energy solutions. Our core mission is to harness and repurpose wasted energy, especially the excess heat generated by data centers, transforming it into a valuable and sustainable resource.


From Idea to Impact

Idea Generation

Every great invention starts with an idea. At Hoolia's Lab, we brainstorm and conceptualize new ways to enhance sustainability.

Market Validation

We don't just create in a vacuum. Every idea is tested and validated in the market to ensure it meets real-world needs.


Once an idea is validated, our team of experts works tirelessly to develop it into a tangible product.


Our finished products are then licensed to Hoolia Energy or other interested parties. Hoolia Energy incorporates these innovations into its WebShop and utilizes them in every project.

Profit Sharing

Hoolia's Lab sustains its innovative efforts by receiving a 1% kickback from every product sale, directly reinvesting these funds into further research and development of sustainable technologies.

The team behind the magic

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Samuel Terburg


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Abdellatif Temsamani

Lead Software Architect

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DevOps Engineer


IoT Engineer

Challenges and Opportunities:

Energy Efficiency

Data centers are crucial to our digital world but are also significant electricity consumers. A substantial portion of this energy is wasted as heat, presenting a unique challenge and opportunity for sustainable energy use and innovation in the digital infrastructure sector.

Regulatory & Market Uncertainty

The evolving landscape of environmental sustainability regulations poses risks and opportunities. Our focus is on developing solutions that are compliant and adaptable to future market and policy changes.

Environmental Impact

We address the lack of innovative solutions in sustainable heating for buildings and agriculture, which traditionally rely on fossil fuels, leading to high costs and environmental degradation.

Project showcase

image of the concept.png__PID:e34110fb-b4ab-4daa-9535-bc4af6f458ad

Heatwave Solution



Heatwave is an eco-friendly solution using excess heat from data centers for heating, complemented by solar panels and smart grid connectivity. It promises up to 70% reduction in energy consumption, targeting both businesses and individuals for a sustainable and cost-effective heating alternative.

Current State :

The solution is ready for commercialization, leverages proven technology to offer sustainable heating solutions. With a successful proof of concept, the system efficiently utilizes excess heat from data centers, integrated with solar power and smart grid technology. This environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution is aimed at expanding its customer base, appealing to both businesses and individuals seeking to reduce energy costs and carbon footprint.


Heatwave Container



HeatWave Container is a sustainable solution for greenhouse heating in the Netherlands, using excess heat from data centers. It offers significant cost and carbon footprint reductions for greenhouse owners, with zero initial material costs and up to 70% heating savings. The system includes solar panels and smart grid technology, making it an ideal choice for those seeking efficient and eco-friendly heating options.

Current State :

Hoolia Energy's "HeatWave Container," initially successful in the Dutch farming market, is now scaling up within various regions of the Netherlands. This strategic expansion is driven by the product's ability to provide eco-friendly and cost-efficient heating for greenhouses.

Hoolia server rack

Battery arbitrage



Battery Arbitrage is a solution for storing and reselling electricity. It involves charging batteries when electricity prices are low and selling the stored energy back to the grid at higher prices. This system not only reduces on-grid costs for consumers but also generates profit from the sale of surplus electricity. It's a smart, market-responsive approach that leverages fluctuations in energy pricing, contributing to more efficient and profitable energy management in the Netherlands.

Current State :

Currently under development, is poised to revolutionize the electricity market. Designed to store electricity when prices are low and resell it during peak demand at higher prices, this solution aims to reduce on-grid costs and generate profits. Its upcoming release is anticipated to offer a smart, responsive system for efficient energy management, capitalizing on market price fluctuations. This development represents a significant step towards more sustainable and economically advantageous energy usage in the Netherlands

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