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Hoolia lab

Hoolia's Lab, the dedicated research and developpement focused on creating sustainable energy solutions.
Our core mission is to harness and repurpose wasted energy, especially the excess heat generated by data centers, transforming it into a valuable and sustainable resource.


What We Do

At Hoolia's Lab, we're not just about research, we're about action.
Our focus is on creating 'circular' products that redefine sustainability. We believe in a world where every product we develop contributes positively to the environment, closing the loop in energy consumption and waste. Our innovative solutions are designed to improve the world, one green invention at a time.

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Maximum sustainability

Hoolia server rack

Our mission

Hoolia's Lab, the dedicated research and, is a hub of innovation focused on creating sustainable energy solutions. Our core mission is to harness and repurpose wasted energy, especially the excess heat generated by data centers, transforming it into a valuable and sustainable resource.


From Idea to Impact

Idea Generation

Every great invention starts with an idea. At Hoolia's Lab, we brainstorm and conceptualize new ways to enhance sustainability.

Market Validation

We don't just create in a vacuum. Every idea is tested and validated in the market to ensure it meets real-world needs.


Once an idea is validated, our team of experts works tirelessly to develop it into a tangible product.


Our finished products are then licensed to Hoolia Energy or other interested parties. Hoolia Energy incorporates these innovations into its WebShop and utilizes them in every project.

Profit Sharing

Hoolia's Lab sustains its innovative efforts by receiving a 1% kickback from every product sale, directly reinvesting these funds into further research and development of sustainable technologies.

The team behind the magic

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Samuel Terburg


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Abdellatif Temsamani

Lead Software Architect


DevOps Engineer


DevOps Engineer

Challenges and Opportunities:

Energy Efficiency

Data centers are crucial to our digital world but are also significant electricity consumers. A substantial portion of this energy is wasted as heat, presenting a unique challenge and opportunity for sustainable energy use and innovation in the digital infrastructure sector.

Regulatory & Market Uncertainty

The evolving landscape of environmental sustainability regulations poses risks and opportunities. Our focus is on developing solutions that are compliant and adaptable to future market and policy changes.

Environmental Impact

We address the lack of innovative solutions in sustainable heating for buildings and agriculture, which traditionally rely on fossil fuels, leading to high costs and environmental degradation.

Project showcase


1.Office Heating

Implementing Green Energy Practices in Corporate Environments.Our initiative incorporates Office heating by repurposing the excess heat produced by data center servers and equipment, this method provides a reliable and eco-friendly heating solution for offices. The process involves capturing and redistributing the waste heat produced during data center operations to supplement or replace traditional heating systems in nearby office buildings.

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2.Greenhouse Heating

Deploying waste heat from our data centers to support local greenhouse heating. By repurposing excess heat generated by our 100% green data center, we aid agricultural practices in the region, fostering a sustainable and efficient method for crop cultivation.

Hoolia server rack

3.Green Data Center hosting

Our state-of-the-art data center is entirely powered by renewable energy sources. It leverages solar, and other green energy technologies, offering hosting services that adhere to the highest environmental standards.

Hoolia server rack

4.Battery Arbitrage

Our project aims to leverage energy storage batteries to capitalize on price differentials between peak and off-peak electricity periods. The initiative focuses on maximizing the potential of energy storage systems, taking advantage of periods when electricity prices are low and storing energy to be utilized during peak demand, where prices are higher.


Current Inventions open for Investment

Investing in Hoolia's Lab is an opportunity to support innovative green energy initiatives. We offer a 20% APY as interest, funded by Hoolia Energy, for investments that fuel our creative and groundbreaking projects. Your investment is a commitment to promoting innovation in renewable energy and supporting our 'mad scientist' approach to solving environmental challenges.


Join the Hoolia's Lab Collective and become an integral part of a pioneering movement in sustainable energy. As a member, you're not just an investor; you're a visionary contributing to groundbreaking green technology. Your involvement offers more than financial returns; it connects you with a community of innovators and grants you a voice in shaping a greener future. By investing with us, you're not just supporting innovation; you're actively participating in the creation of a sustainable world, where every contribution leads to impactful change. Be part of this transformative journey with Hoolia's Lab, where your investment is a step towards a cleaner, more sustainable planet.

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