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We understand the financial strain imposed by steep tax hikes on the farmer. That's why our innovative 'as-a-service' model is designed to alleviate all these challenges. Our pioneering 'as-a-service' model eliminates upfront costs, facilitating a seamless shift to sustainable energy. As an investor, your pivotal role supports this farmer in this transformative journey.

Introducing the Datacenter-Boiler Solution—an innovative response to rising energy costs. This technology repurposes server waste heat, offering cost-effective, eco-friendly heating for agricultural operations. With modular design and advanced "Immersion Cooling" at 65°C, it seamlessly replaces traditional heating methods, promoting economic and environmental stability in farming communities.

Join us in fostering a greener, environmentally sustainable agricultural ecosystem. Your investment transforms farming practices and contributes to a brighter, more sustainable future for farmers.
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Farmers, especially those in horticulture, are facing a critical challenge as the government raises costs to promote renewable energy and discourage gas usage. With a reliance on gas-powered WKK engines, farmers seek "electric" alternatives amid increasing expenses and the government's gas phase-out. This transition highlights the necessity for farmers to embrace sustainable energy solutions amidst financial and environmental considerations.


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  • Targeted Market Strategy for Farmers:
    We exclusively target farmers in the Netherlands with a tailored energy solution, providing a sustainable alternative to traditional sources.

  • Environmental Stewardship:

Our Energy Hub dramatically reduces carbon emissions, allowing farmers to minimize their carbon footprint for a cleaner planet.

  • Strategic Collaborations:

Collaborating strategically with key agricultural stakeholders, our energy solution stands out as a practical choice amid rising energy costs and environmental demands.

  • Opportunity for Investment:

Invest in Hoolia Energy for a unique opportunity in agriculture. Our NFT-based crowdfunding ensures yearly returns, combining profitability with active support for sustainable energy solutions.

  • Forward-Looking Vision:

Hoolia Energy envisions becoming an inclusive energy hub for agriculture, fostering peer-to-peer energy sharing and creating a surplus energy marketplace. Our forward-thinking approach ensures cost-effectiveness, profitability, and ecological benefits, contributing to a sustainable future for farmers.